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Adams, Abernathy Named Athletes of the Year

Adams, Abernathy Named Athletes of the Year

By: Ed Weaver  /  June 5, 2023  /  Photo: Ed Weaver

Seniors Conner Adams and Jordyn Abernathy were named Male and Female Athletes of the Year at the Wellsboro Athletic Department and the Wellsboro Hornets Sports Booster Club's annual athletic awards presentation on Monday, June 5.

Wellsboro Athletic Director Matt Rendos, Principal Jeremy Byrd and Head of Athletics Todd Outman recognized all Wellsboro athletic teams for their accomplishments throughout the 2022-23 season and team MVP's and coaches awards were presented. Following the team introductions and awards, the annual Special Awards and Memorial Awards were presented.

Scholarship Winners

Booster Club - Aiden Gehman and Hayne Webster

Gridders Club - Cameron Brought

Coaches Awards

Basketball Cheerleading: Alexa Patterson

Football Cheerleading: Rilyne Horning

Wrestling: Jacob Dean

Girls Cross Country: Julia DeCamp

Boys Cross County: Henry Whitney

Softball: Jordyn Abernathy

Boys Track: Tristan Lane

Boys Soccer: Aiden Gehman

Girls Soccer: Abby Owlett

Baseball: Conner Adams, Cameron Brought, Blake Hamblin

Boys Basketball: Cameron Brought

Girls Basketball: Maddy Mascho

Girls Tennis: Olivia Gage

Girls Track: Emma Mosher

Volleyball: Natalie Cleveland

Football: Cameron Brought

Golf: Hannalee Cleveland

Girls Swimming: Madison Robbins, Makenna Robbins (Rookie of the Year)

Boys Tennis: Aiden Gehman

Team MVPs

Basketball Cheerleading: Marissa Weimar

Football Cheerleading: Piper Boyce

Wrestling: Ryder Bowen

Girls Cross Country: Madeline Gage

Boys Cross County: Max Macias

Softball: Maddi Bordas

Boys Track: Micah Vickery

Baseball: Caden Smith

Boys Basketball: Conner Adams

Girls Basketball: Paige Logsdon

Girls Tennis: Hannah Nuss

Girls Track: Annie Gehman

Volleyball: Paige Logsdon

Football: Conner Adams (offensive), Joe Brown (defensive)

Golf: Hayden Zuchowski

Girls Swimming: Isobel Anderegg

Boys Swimming: Hayne Webster

Boys Tennis: Peyton McClure

Special Awards

The Babe Ruth Good Sportsmanship awards were presented to seniors Liliana Cuneo, Emily Starkweather and Spencer Wetzel.

The School Spirit awards were presented to seniors Emily Starkweather and Spencer Wetzel.

The District IV PIAA Sportsmanship awards were presented to seniors Molly Ingerick and Wyatt Gastrock.

The PIAA District IV awards were presented to seniors Rylie Boyce and Peyton McClure.

The Williamsport Sun-Gazette Senior Sports award is presented to seniors Conner Adams and Jordyn Abernathy.

Memorial Awards

The Samuel F. McInroy, Jr. Athletic Award shall be given annually to a member of the graduating class of Wellsboro Area High School who is of good moral character, is a cooperative team player, exhibits tenacity in the field of sports, has a creditable academic standing, shows a cheerful and positive attitude towards teammates, and has most improved these qualities during the past two years. The 2022-23 recipient is Cameron Brought.

The Roger Dibble Memorial Award is given in memory of Roger Dibble who was a varsity wrestler at WHS from 1961-1964. The award is given to a member of the High School wrestling team who shows the most heart and "never give up" type attitude. The 2022-23 recipient is Alyssa Chilson.

The Ray Strykowski Memorial Award is presented to a female basketball player in memory of Coach Strykowski who coached the Wellsboro Lady Hornets. The 2022-23 recipient is Ella Posada.

The Larue Wilson Memorial Award is presented to a male basketball player in memory of Mr. Wilson who passed away in September 1973. The 2022-23 recipient is Peyton McClure.

The Wellsboro High School Softball Excellence Award is given to a member of the varsity softball team who has demonstrated in an exemplary manner both the tangible and intangible attributes that distinguish and define a great competitor, team mate, and leader. The 2022-23 recipient is Jordyn Abernathy.

The John Wilcox Memorial Award is given to a member of the varsity football team who has exhibited the desire and the drive to develop fully his playing potential and sportsmanship, and has demonstrated the sincerity and the devotion which truely characterized John's approach to this goal. The 2022-23 recipient is Spencer Wetzel.

The Rev. Wade Stewart Memorial Award is given to a member of the varsity football team in memory of Samuel Wade Stewart who served the people of Wellsboro until his passing in 1988. The 2022-23 recipient is Cameron Brought.

The Laura Grove Patterson Memorial Award is given to the top player of the girls' tennis team in memory of Ms. Patterson who served on the faculty at Wellsboro High School. The 2022-23 recipient is Ana Perry.

The Shelly Taynton Memorial Award is given to a lady who is the member of the senior class. The 2022-23 recipient is Madeline Gage.

The Male Athlete of the Year and Female Athlete of the Year awards are given in memory of John Antoine Prevost who was born on May 9, 1935. He lived most of his life in Wellsboro where he is remembered as an outstanding student leader, athlete, and positive example to his school and community. The 2022-23 recipients are Jordyn Abernathy and Conner Adams. would like to congratulate all award winners, athletes, coaches, and teams on a successful 2022-223 sports season.


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